Who are we

Hair Dream Machine is a not-for-profit enterprise. We are a team of like minded people/hair stylists with an aim to collectively work together alongside Australian health and mental health services to provide free haircuts and personal hair care education to marginalised and or struggling individuals whom do not have the resources to access commercial hairdressing salons. Such people may be experiencing homelessness and/or domestic violence, mental health issues, social isolation, may be refugees, or living in rural indigenous communities.


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We want to, we can, we listen, we care.

We have the ability to make people feel good about themselves, we like making people feel special, we like seeing them smile, we have the the skills and the knowledge to spread a sense of belonging, and it’s our way of giving back into the community.


By donating our time, knowledge and skills, educating, mentoring, providing a free hair wash and free haircut working alongside services across Victoria.

A good haircut can be an uplifting experience; it builds self-worth and confidence, and through time, and gentle skilful touch, it builds a trusting connection. A good hair cut can be the catalyst to securing a job, or a rental property, or to simply believing enough in oneself to take the next step in life.

Everyone has an invisible triangle, like an aura that starts at the top of their head and extends down across their shoulders; an area rarely touched, and usually only by those with whom one may be intimate.

Hairdressers work specifically within that triangle and therefore often develop a close connection, and perhaps the only connection in that person’s life.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We have created a mobile business model where hairdressers and barbers will be able to volunteer and donate time, as little as one day a year to join and be a part of the Hair Dream Machine, in our quest to giving back to those whom need us the most.

How can you help

We need a mobile campervan fitted out as a salon.

We need a vehicle wrap with our logo.

We need salon products & equipment.

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